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Thursday, August 11, 2005

region of the musical titans

august 11: day 2: thursday
(note: some rather subjective observations of the uk from this jolly canadian beggar who has never been off of his terra ferma... next post will hopefully be more interesting than reading some guy's travel log- we all know how often we tune into those types of channels on cable tv when we could be watching simpsons)

from the sky, ireland looked like batik, having straight-lined shapes of greens and browns divided by dark borders. the coastline was pretty with softly sweeping jagged edges like those of a broken piece of pottery... like someone had placed dots on a piece of paper and then joined them arbitrarily with curved rather than straight lines.

i found this approach to london really exciting... this is the region of the musical titans- dublin, manchester, liverpool, london. it seems like almost anybody who was anybody came from here. interesting that such a small little country could be the birthplace of so many powerfully influencial western bands.

apparently it's a sunny day in england. what are the odds?

i tried to figure out what this very big, but rather brownish river with two suspension bridges on it was... where were we? someone said north wales. many shades of green ranging from nearly black to nearly yellow.

i watched one large motorhome or bus making its way alone through a very dense forest- no one else on the road. i thought about God and timelines.

on the video screens were travel images (mostly of england, but also more 'eastern' architecture etc- could also be london, i suppose) supported by a dreamy, delay-informed soundtrack... eno/sylvian/eastern voice, ambient-house, lava lamp and bead-curtain kinda thing.

london looked very much like terry gilliam portrays it in time bandits- rows of identical houses.

i saw the thames, which is where mccartney's london town cover was photographed, i think... a rather dirty river by canadian standards.

i did NOT see london bridge, nor did i see buckingham palace or big ben or wembley. however, we rolled right past the concord on landing. it rarely flies anymore- too noisy and too pricey- it was an eighties thing.

you know, it occurs to me that in 1985 when the whole live aid thing went down, they could have given all the money that it took to fly phil collins by concord from london to philadelphia and given it for famine relief if they really wanted to. oh, there's always somebody being a sceptic!

(at the end on our approach to heathrow, the video started running the departure information rather than the deplaning info... figures- good ol, fun-loving air canada!)

we sat around at heathrow for three or four hours waiting for something to happen, but nothing did except for a couple of photo-ops of sleeping team members.


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