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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

a few observations

august 16, tuesday, day 7 (part 2)
assorted notes and thots

the drivers in this country are a great example of well-placed faith. it would probably be scary to be riding in a vehicle if you actually let yourself think about it... however, you just know your driver knows what he's doing- even if you don't!

i brought a pillow case so that i'd have one for my trip to batticaloa... but i left it in the room back at the topaz hotel in negombo- great!

listening to jey share 'purpose driven church,' i wonder if he is trying to speak so insanely fast because he needs to, or simply because he is pumped up by the crowd- how can you get that excited about rick warren's alliteration games? for that matter, how does alliteration in english translate to tamil which, to the untrained ear, is ALL alliteration?

it is a little intimidating to speak in this environment, as the way an english-speaking westerner speaks through an interpreter is pretty dull by comparison, no matter how you cut it.

someone mentioned earlier in the week as we were navigating the streets of colombo with the radio on that these announcers sounded like auctioneers.

we got into an interesting conversation over lunch concerning preconceived knitting notions concerning the 'women's ministries' organization. good conversation- maybe all the organization needs is a better name to dispell the said notions- marketing is everything in the western world...


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